We are an ordinary couple with dreams like everybody else.

Something made us wake up and realise that it's not all about work and to succeed in your career, but we also need to feed our souls and enjoy live while we can. 

We wanted to accomplish so much, but days just passed and we can't relive our lives, can we? With this in mind, the dreams changed to be plans instead, and actually the difference isn't that big, but the butterflies started in our stomachs. The word IF changed into WHEN. One step at a time, slowly, slowly but now our goals were in sight.

Now we want to help you, who love being at home, but decided you need some environmental change and get more of the sun, light and heat during your vacation.

We'll help you through the whole buying process of a home, from finding your criterias to even after the process help with contracts of electricity and water companies and insurances or bank loans.

We cooperate with lawyers and banks, so you are not having any costs with either this or our help.

Also we have no purchase requirements or obligations. You can choose to see residentials from the whole market here and we are there to exclusively help you through everything, step by step.

When you own a home in Madeira, either if you bought it from us or other agency, we can help you to take care of it when you are not there yourselves.

We can even help you financing, by renting out your home and take care of key exchange, cleaning and unforeseen events.

We cooperate with, and advertise your home on a big web platform, where you are the host for your own place.

Oresten Rental Homes will become co-host and work daily with price settings by using Revenue Management. On the site you will have full transparency. With every update or change we make on the page you will get a mail and can easily stay updated.